The Difference Between Aluminized Film and Aluminum Foil

The Difference Between Aluminized Film and Aluminum Foil


Aluminum foil is essentially a metal. It is a thin sheet formed by rolling an aluminum profile and pressing it thin enough, while aluminized film is essentially a plastic film. The following three methods are introduced to help you distinguish these two materials.

Aluminum Foil
Aluminized film is essentially a plastic film, which is a thin layer of aluminum cooked on top of the plastic film. The plastic substrate can be PET film, OPP film, CPP film, PVC film, and nylon film.

Aluminum foil is essentially a metal. It is a thin sheet formed by rolling an aluminum profile and pressing it thin enough. This sheet can be used to package products in flexible packaging. Of course, aluminum foil is also not heat-sealable, it needs to be compounded with other materials, such as PE, CPP, or lamination. The metal aluminum foil used in flexible packaging is generally 7um thick. Of course, it involves pharmaceutical packaging, such as 15um, 18um, 20um, 22um, and 40um.

The positive barrier property of aluminized film is far better than that of aluminum foil because the degree of the aluminum layer is not as good as that of aluminum foil. Among them, the commonly used processing method is the direct-air aluminizing method, which is to melt and evaporate metal aluminum at high temperature in a high and direct-air state, so that the vapor of aluminum is deposited on the surface of the plastic film, so that the surface of the material film is formed. And it has a metallic luster. It has the characteristics of plastic film and metal. It is a cheap and beautiful packaging material with excellent performance and strong practicability.

Several methods to quickly distinguish aluminum foil and aluminized film:

Difference 1: Different appearance

Aluminum foil film: In terms of color, the packaging is silver-white or silver-gray, and the reflectivity is not as good as that of the aluminum film.

Aluminized film: The packaging is silver yellow or silver black with high brightness.

Difference 2: Different feel

Aluminum foil film: Feel thick and crisp, heavier,

Aluminized film: It feels lighter and softer than aluminum foil packaging.

Difference 3: Folding difficulty is different

Aluminum foil film: After the package is folded, it will be prone to dead folds and dead marks.

Aluminized film: While aluminized packaging does not, it will snap back quickly.

Difference 4: Is it easy to burn

Aluminum foil film: The package is ignited with fire, it is not easy to burn, the aluminum layer will roll back, and the aluminum foil package will leave gray aluminum slag after burning.

Aluminized film: When the film is burned, different plastic films will burn, and there is no residue of aluminum slag.

The above briefly introduces the difference between aluminum foil and aluminized film. If you want to buy or customize aluminum foil, please contact us.

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